EFI - New Products

EFI's New Products

EFI's new top box is much more slimline than its predecessors.

The new touch screen makes it very easy to use and removes any issues with buttons that have been worn through use.

All top boxes can be supplied with an adapter so it will fit straight on to any controller.

These new top boxes are much more durable using 4mm safetly glass to protect the touch screen.

Our new top boxes are able to be networked, so our engineers can see any issues you are having without having to be called out.

  • Top Box Only

  • Controller and Top Box

EFI has put the New Top Box through rigorous independent testing to ensure that no significant EMF emissions are being produced that could interfere with any surrounding systems.

Our new hardware passed the tests to the Domestic standards which is the next step up from Industrial.

The pictures to the left show the results for both the Top Box by itself and the Top Box with a Controller.