EFI - Software


  • Software for the touch generation.
  • EFI's new user friendly touch-enabled software is a vast improvement on the pre-existing DOS software.

  • New data logging allows 12 months of continuous history recording.

  • The readouts are in realtime and refresh every second.

  • New water flow monitoring software allows for more coolant control.

EFI's new software is a massive upgrade from the previous software version based on DOS.

It boasts a user friendly interface with a much better visual set up, a fully functioning interactive "Help" section which will answer almost any software queries and a newly developed highly reliable touchscreen system.

The new software also takes advantage of USB allowing data sticks to export data and be used on office computers.

The addition of networking capabilities allows for remote monitoring, debugging and data collection.

EFI have worked closely with our touchscreen partners to develop a product which is unsurpassed in terms of reliability and ruggedness. We have many years experience of the environments in which our equipment is used and have developed a touchscreen which can withstand the mechanical and electrical rigours of the moulding floor. Unlike the simpler systems we have seen from our competitors, you can rely on the fact that when you use our touchscreen, you will get a positive and accurate response at all times, ensuring that you are in control. This has been possible thanks to close collaboration with our touchscreen partners, in developing an innovative approach to the capacitive sensor hardware.