CM8 Hot Runner Controller

The CM8 system is a proven range of hot runner temperature controllers. Designed for injection mould tools in the range 12 to 256 zones, the CM8 incorporates a straight forward mechanical approach to improve reliability with advanced software techniques to provide class leading control and features.

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CM8 Hot Runner Controller

CM8 Hardware and Software Featrues

  • 12 to more than 256 zones
  • Modular card format: 3.15A, 16A or 32A cards 
  • Large, impact resistant screen 
  • Supplied with ultra tough conduits 
  • Connectors wired to customer standard 
  • USB, smartphone, network & Wifi capable 
  • Full diagnostic suite and troubleshooting tools 
  • History logs and downloadable reports via USB 
CM8 Controller Software

The CM8 hot runner controller system uses a 12" reinforced touch screen mounted to the top of the controller. The software is intuitive and allows for quick access to all key functionality of the controller through the menu system on the right of the screen.

Through the use of permissions linked to user profiles various levels of the software can be accessed or restricted as required.

There is also an on controller help guide which contains detailed step by step information on how to perform controller setup and operation.

CM8 Comprehensive Data Logging

The CM8 hot runner controller is capable of automatically logging a wide variety of data pertaining to its use and status. These logs are stored locally on the controller for 1 year and can be exported over USB to a simple text file for use with a word processor on a PC.

There are many different types of logs stored, including: System logs, including hardware errors and various communications such as start time; Controller logs, recording when a controllers mode is changed; Setup logs, recording whenever setup information is changed, e.g. zone setpoints; Alarm logs, including when an alarm is triggered and dismissed; File logs, containing all file operations and User logs, when an operator logs on or off.

For easier viewing the logs can be filtered by type or by date when being accessed on the controller.

CM8 Performance Monitoring

The CM8 hot runner controller system offers numerous visual aids to allow for easy analysis of the performance of the tool. This includes a surface map graph which allows the cavity zones to be viewed as a 3D surface for quick comparisons between zone temperature or power. The cavities are visible as pyramids set against an average baseline level. The CM8 Surface Graph image clearly demonstrates an example of an imbalanced tool, although the zone temperatures remain correct.

The CM8 also gives a live graph for power and temperature data for up to eight user selected zones, showing the last minute's data updated every second and last hour's data updated every minute. The scales of the y-axis can be changed as required and as a year's worth of data logs are kept on the controller, graphs of past minute average power and temperature data can also be viewed over a selected time period.

The CM8 Controller has completed thorough EMC testing, with the results showing that the controller easily surpassed the requirements of the tests to which it was subjected, as seen below.