You can enter boost mode from the main run-screen, with the controller in run mode.
You must first be logged in as a Setter, or Supervisor 

Use this mode to temporarily increase the power to the cavities.
Manifolds are not affected by boost mode.
You can't access boost mode during manifold preheat or during the startup sequence.

The amount and duration of boost is determined by the user in the setup dialog.

When the boost mode button is pressed, you are asked to confirm that you want to place the cavities in boost mode.

If any cavities were selected before you pressed the boost button,  you also have the option to boost only the selected zones, or to boost all the cavities.

Once boost mode is activated, the boost mode dialog appears, which shows the boost mode timer.
When the timer reaches zero, boost mode will automatically end and the controller will return to normal operation.

You can increase the boost duration in one minute intervals, or quit boost mode early.

In boost mode, boosted zones display a red setpoint.