You can configure Manifold Pre-heat from the setup dialog.
To change the Manifold Pre-heat setting, you must first be logged in as a Supervisor.

Accessing Manifold PreHeat
The Manifold Pre-Heat Setting is in the "Manage Zones" section.

This is an important setting which affects how the controller starts heating up the tool.

When a pre-heat temperature has been set, the controller begins heating the manifolds first.
The cavities are powered at rest-mode power levels until the end of manifold pre-heat.
The cavities are only released once all manifolds have reached or exceeded the manifold pre-heat temperature.
The controller goes in to rest-mode once manifold pre-heat has ended. The user then initiates run-mode.

When you start the controller (enter run mode) with Manifold Pre-Heat active, a flashing message appears at the bottom-left on the status-bar.
Additionally, a message is added to the event log when manifold preheat starts and ends.

If, for example the pre-heat temperature is set to 150 degrees, the manifolds will be controlled at 150 degrees and the cavities will be at half power. Once all of the manifolds reach 150 degrees, the controller enters rest-mode until the user clicks the 'OK' button to start run-mode, whereupon cavities go to their set power levels and the manifolds are controlled to their setpoints.

Manifold Pre-heat is closely related to Startup Groups. The two functions can work together, if desired, to create a more complex startup sequence.

To turn Manifold Pre-heat off, simply change the value to zero.