You can configure Manifold Startup Groups from the setup dialog.
To edit Manifold Startup Groups, you must first be logged in as Supervisor.

Accessing Startup Groups
From the home screen or the main run-screen, in monitor-mode or run-mode, press the setup button, then the "General Settings" icon, then "More", then select the "Startup Groups" icon.
This takes you to the Startup Groups Page.

This is an important setting which affects how the controller starts heating up the tool.
This setting only affects manifolds.

When Startup Groups are active, the manifolds are heated first, in groups. This is called the startup sequencer. During this time the controller is in rest-mode, so the cavities are at half power.

The Startup Group Page allows you to define how many groups are in the sequence and which zones belong to which group. You enable the startup sequencer in the General Setup page.

Startup Sequence Without Pre-Heat
Manifolds are heated beginning with Startup group 1. Once all the zones in Group 1 reach the rest-mode setpoint, Startup Group 2 is "released".

When all manifolds in the final group have reached rest-mode setpoint, the cavities are released and the controller begins normal operation.

Startup Sequence With Pre-Heat
When used in conjunction with Manifold Pre-Heat, the startup sequence is more complicated.
The manifolds are started group by group and controlled at the pre-heat temperature.
Once all zones in the last group reach pre-heat  temperature, the cavities are released, but the manifolds start again with Group 1.

Editing Startup Groups
Initially, all manifolds are assigned to the same group.  This means that if you enable the startup sequencer, all manifolds would come up to setpoint first, then the cavities would be released.

Place a zone into a new group using this button.
Use this button to place multiple zones into groups.
Only Supervisors can change startup groups.
Changes made to startup groups affect the current setup.
Manifolds are heated in group order (i.e.: Group-1 is heated first).

Enabling the Startup Sequencer
Once you have defined the startup groups, you must enable the startup sequencer. This setting is in the General Setup page.
Only Supervisors can change this setting.

This setting is disabled by default.