You can view the Users Page via the setup dialog.

Any user can access the Users Page.

Accessing the Users Page
From the home screen or the main run-screen, in monitor-mode or run-mode, press the setup button, then the "Users" icon.
This takes you to the Users Page.
Here you can log-in, change passwords and manage security settings.

About Users
Many functions on the controller can only be accessed by certain users.
There are three user-levels which determine which functions can be accessed.
  • Operator
  • Setter
  • Supervisor
The highest user-level is "Supervisor"; the lowest is "Operator".
You change user-levels by logging-in at the Users Page.

The current user-level is shown on the status-bar

If a screen control or button is "greyed-out", the function is not available. This is usually because the current user-level does not have the priviledges to access that function.

User Account Passwords
The controller is supplied with default passwords for the "Setter" and "Supervisor". For security, we recommend that you change these passwords and keep them in a safe place.
You will have been informed what the standard initial passwords are for these accounts. Contact EFI if you do not know these initial passwords.

Log In Operator
This function will essentially log you out, making the current user-level equal to an "Operator".  The "Operator" user does not require a password. Most functions in the setup dialog are not available to this user, they cannot change setpoints, access Diagnostics, Soft-Start, Boost-Mode or Rest-Mode.
The "Operator" can start and stop the controller.

Log In Setter
You will be asked for the account password to access this user-level.
A "Setter" can access Boost-Mode, Soft-Start, Rest-Mode and can edit zone setpoints. Most functions in the setup dialog are not available to the "Setter".

When entering a password, use the touch keyboard which appears on-screen.

Log In Supervisor
You will be asked for the password to access the account.  The "Supervisor" can access all of  the controller's main functions.

Change Passwords
When changing passwords, you will be asked to enter the current password first.

Contact EFI if you lose all of your passwords. They are quite easy to reset but it requires a special user-level that is not publicly available.

Change Default User
The "Default User" is the user-level which the controller logs-in automatically when it is turned on, or when the screensaver activates.  The "Supervisor" can change this setting to make the controller more secure when it is left unattended.
Setting the "Default User" to "Operator" is the most secure.  When a user leaves the controller unattended, the controller will default to the "Operator" user-level once the screensaver activates.
Note: it is possible that the screensaver has been disabled in the setup dialog..