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An EFI hotrunner controller fitted with a water-zone module can monitor the temperatures and flowrates of one or more coolant circuits in the tool.
  • If your hotrunner controller is equipped with the EFI water-zone module it will have labelled connectors on the side of the controller and the temperature and flowrate sensors connect directly to these.
Monitoring the water circuits in the tool can help protect the mould, improve moulding  efficiency and produce higher quality parts.
Data collected from the water-zones is stored in the controller's history database, and can be graphed.

Setup Zones
  • You can select the number of water zones fitted.
Water-zones have no setpoint, are coloured blue and display a water-droplet next to the flow-rate box. You cannot select water-zones for editing.
  • You can choose the flow-rate units. The controller works in metric litres per minute, but flow-rates can be displayed in imperial gallons per minute if desired.
Configure Zones
You can configure and calibrate individual water zones by selecting this icon. You will be asked which zone you want to configure, or if you want to configure all the zones at the same time.

Some of the configuration options are specific to each zone, so if you select '0' to configure all zones, some options will not be visible.

When configuring a single zone, you can easily change the current zone using the forwards and backwards buttons.
  • Zone Type. You may only be interested in the temperature, just the flow, or both. This option allows you to change the appearance of the display in run-mode or monitor-mode.
  • Flow Sensor Maximum and Minimum. For EFI water-zone modules only. These settings should match the full-scale values for the sensor(s) in use.  You can have different values for each zone, though it is more likely that you have the same sensors installed for every zone. You can find these values in the datasheet for the sensors.
  • Flow Sensor Offset and Calibration Factor. These settings allow an EFI engineer to calibrate each zone, and should not be changed except when directed by EFI. If you think there is a problem with the calibration of your EFI water-zone module, contact us.
  • Maximum and Minimum Flow Limit. These are alarm levels. If the flow-rate exceeds the maximum or falls below the minimum, an alarm condition is triggered. You can configure the controller to take action when these alarms are triggered. A good use of the minimum level is to ensure that the tool is not heated without the water turned on.
  • Maximum and Minimum Temperature Limit. These alarm levels refer to the zone's water temperature.

Alarm Actions
Just as with the temperature-controlled zones, you can configure the controller to take action when one of the water-zone limits is exceeded.

The controller is able to detect the following water-zone alarms:
  • Open Thermocouple.  The controller cannot read a water-zone's temperature.
  • Reversed Thermocouple.  The temperature readings from the water-zone are incorrect.
  • Temperature Over-Limit and Under-Limit.  The water-zone's temperature is out of limit.
  • Open Flow-Sensor. There is a problem with the sensor, or the cable connecting it to the controller.
  • Flow-rate Over-Limit and Under-Limit.  The water-zone's flow-rate is out of limit.
The controller can take various actions when an alarm condition is triggered:
  • Ignore.  No action is taken.
  • Alarm.  The controller toggles the Alarm relay, which if connected will sound the external machine alarm, start the alarm indicator lamp and stop the machine.  The controller continues to maintain temperatures and the Alarm Warning Dialog is placed on the screen.
  • Rest.  All zones are placed into rest mode , the Alarm Relay is toggled and the Alarm Warning Dialog is placed on the screen.
  • Shutdown.  The controller turns all zones off, the Alarm Relay is toggled and the Alarm Warning Dialog is placed on the screen.
You can tell when an alarm is active in the normal way, just as if a temperature-controlled alarm had been triggered.