Seiki Type Controllers

This controller is designed for Seiki Spear systems which operate at mixed AC voltages, incorporating open-loop tip and body heaters for each zone.

Our system improves on the Seiki system by allowing the operator to set power levels by percentage, voltage or constant-current. Transformers are built-in to a rugged frame which can be easily accessed from the rear of the unit for inspection and maintenance.

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Seiki Type Hot Runner Controller

Features of the Seiki Type Controller

  • Up to 36 zones
  • Modular card format: 3.15A or 16A
  • Robust and field servicable
  • Remote mountable touchscreen display with wireless option
  • Type J or K thermocouple for manifolds
  • Supplied with durable conduits to customer specification
  • Dual heaters on each zone
  • Enhanced open-loop voltage control
  • External machine-triggered power cycling
  • Automatic display of thermocouple and heater faults